Thursday, September 3, 2015

9/1/15 - Taono, VA

We drove to Virginia Beach today and went to Cape Henry Memorial and First Landing Park.  These sites were on Fort Story Military Reservation.  We had to submit to a search and give our driver’s license to them for a background check.  Jim had bought some gunpowder in Bowling Green and we couldn’t take it in.  He stayed outside the gates and I went to see the two lighthouses and the First Landing Park.  Jim has a friend in Virginia Beach who he used to work with.  We called them and went by for a visit.  They have a really nice house on the river that they just moved into.  They warned us of the traffic backup through the tunnel that we would have to go back through during rush hour.  So we left a little early to go back to camp.  We still had a 4 ½ mile backup, but it went fairly fast.  We stopped by Alewerks in Williamsburg on the way back to the Casita.  A gentleman we talked to at the bar asked if we had ever been to Gallup, New Mexico.  He has a brother-in-law who owns an RV park there.  Come to find out, we stayed there in August of 2013 with the Harko’s. They are friends of ours from Mississippi.  Jim grilled steaks tonight for supper.

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