Friday, September 25, 2015

9/22/15 - Trenton, GA

This morning we drove to Little River Canyon National Preserve in Alabama.  We watched the movie at the visitor center and then drove to part of the park.  The first stop was at Little River Falls.  Then we went to Martha’s Falls.  There hasn't been much rain up here this summer so the falls are kind of a trickle.  The trail to Little River Falls was handicap accessible and very easy but the trail to Martha’s Falls was steep and boulder strewn.  We found some strange but colorful seed pods along the trail.  We drove along the canyon road for a little way and then drove to Russell Cave National Monument also in Alabama.  This cave was used for shelter by Indians for thousands of years.  I cooked fish and used the last of the leftovers from the Marietta Diner with it (rice pilaf).

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