Sunday, September 6, 2015

9/5/15 - Blackstone, VA

We didn’t do much of anything again today.  We drove around part of the base property to look at buildings and equipment and then we went to town.  Jim needed a hair cut really bad.  The barber shop he wanted to go to was closed so he went to the only other one in town.  This was a salon with a lady barber.  She cut his hair really good but he paid over twice the amount he pays for a haircut in Houston…it cost $13.00.  Then we walked around Main Street and I got a new battery put in my watch.  I have been wearing a purple plastic water resistant watch I got from Walmart.  We walked through an antique store and went to a hardware store and a Family Dollar.  We got gas and went to Goodwill.  I bought a Halloween costume for $6.00.  We tried to see the historic Schwartz Tavern that should have been open according to the sign out front but it wasn’t.  We went back to the Casita, sat outside and played Phase 10, and had a beer. Then later we went to eat Mexican food for supper.  At night Jim watched UT lose their football game with Notre Dame 3-38.

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