Friday, September 18, 2015

9/15/15 - Asheville, NC

We didn’t wake up until 8:30 this morning -- it was 41 degrees.  This campground is so quiet.  There is a Casita camp host here but we didn’t see the people to be able to talk to them.  We had coffee and cereal and then went for a walk around the campground loops and over to the lake.  On the fishing pier someone had carved "Dale N Pam".  It reminded us of our friend Pam who used to be married to a man named Dale.    

 Then we went to Oskar Blues Brewing and Brevard Brewing in Brevard, NC.  We have been to three Oskar Blues locations in Colorado.  At the Oskar Blues tap room we ran into a couple of men – Jim and Dan.   Jim, who was 87, was a WWII and Korean War Veteran.  My Jim said it gives him hope that he will be still going to breweries at that age.  Jim went on a tour of the brewery while I waited in the bar. The lady who conducted the tour used to live in Spring, TX. After visiting these two breweries, we went back to camp and I cooked supper.  Then we had a campfire.

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