Wednesday, September 9, 2015

9/8/15 - Beaver, WV

This morning I called my doctor to set up an appointment when we return home.  Jim also needed to have him renew some medications.  Then we drove to Sandstone Visitor Center for New River National River, Gauley River National Recreation Area, and Bluestone National Scenic River.  After watching a movie we drove to Sandstone Falls and Brook Falls overlooks.  Near here was a statue of John Henry, the legendary "steel driving man" of folk song fame.  It was next to the Great Bend Tunnel of the Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad.  Steel driving was driving steel bits into rock with a sledge hammer to make holes for dynamite when constructing tunnels.  John Henry supposedly won a race against a steam hammer, only to die afterward when his heart gave out due to stress.   

Then we drove to Grandview Overlook to see the New River Gorge.  Jim had to go to Walmart to pick up his medicine.  When we got back to camp we washed a couple of loads of clothes.  The man in the trailer next to us came over with his dog.  As we were talking a baby squirrel came up and jumped on the dog.  The dog was scared to death.  The crazy little squirrel stayed around camp for quite a while.  He climbed on us and everything around.  I took him back to the woods a few times and he always returned.  Finally I took him far enough away that he didn’t come back.

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