Thursday, September 10, 2015

9/9/15 - Chuckey, TN

The squirrel came back again this morning.  We got things together and then drove to Greeneville, Tennessee to Andrew Johnson National Historic Site.  Andrew Johnson became president after Lincoln was assassinated.  He was unpopular with congress and was impeached by the House of Representatives and was almost impeached by the Senate.  Greeneville was his home and is the town he returned to after his presidency.  There is a replica of the house he was born in, the original building where he had a tailor shop, the house where he lived while he was a tailor, and the house he owned during and after his presidency.  We had a private tour of the latter house and then we drove to the nearby cemetery and saw his grave.  We found a Passport America RV park nearby and drove there.  Just before we got to the park it started raining hard.  We waited inside the Casita until the rain let up some before we could connect to the campground's hookups.

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