Wednesday, September 16, 2015

9/12/15 - Asheville, NC

Kim, Steve and Mike came to camp and picked us up to go to some more breweries.  We drove to Sylva, NC and went to Innovation Brewing and Heinzelmannchen Brewing.  As we were leaving Heinzelmannchen Brewing the owner told us about another brewery that had just opened a few blocks down three weeks ago.  We went to Sneak E Squirrel Brewing but it was another hour before they were to open their tasting room.  We saw a person inside and I got out waving like a crazy person.  He came to the door and I asked if we could come in and try some of the beer even though they weren’t open.  I rambled on about us being from Houston and belonging to the Foam Rangers home brew club.  He let us in and we tried all of the beers he had on tap.  Then he gave us a tour of the brewery.   

We left Sylva and Steve drove us to his nephew’s house.  His nephew and wife have three children.  We looked at their horses and then all of us went to Luella’s BarBQ for a late lunch/early supper.  Then Steve’s nephew joined us and we went to Burial Brewing, Wicked Weed’s Funkatorium and Twin Leaf Brewing back in Asheville.

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